Mortgage Protection Insurance - But Why?
Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Protection Insurance – But Why?

In times of financial crises, such as in recession, a Mortgage Protection Insurance prevents you from defaulting on your home payments. It is a policy that covers monthly payments for your mortgage in cases where you were laid off, fired, injured, or ill. Mortgage Protection protects you from repossession of properties you have previously acquired through various mortgage loans.

At the moment that you purchase a house or lot through a mortgage company, you should purchase a payment protection policy to assure the lender that you will not default your mortgage payments. In fact, this type of policy also pays out the mortgage balance for you.

Mortgage Life Insurance is the first type. It covers payment for the remaining mortgage balance in case of death. Originally, this policy specifies the amount of mortgage balance. So that when the mortgage dues decrease, so would the amount of insurance claims.

However, today, the system is changed. You get the most inexpensive level term insurance, instead of getting the decreasing amount. The most reasonable plan to buy is the level premium. Its policy amount is guaranteed not to decrease and can be purchased for 20 years, 25 or 30.

If you are between 16 and 64 years old, you can get this type of payment protection and will continue to enjoy its benefits until the age of 80. The second type to consider is Mortgage Disability Insurance. This guarantees that if permanent unemployment occurs due to disability, your home mortgages shall be paid off in full.

Aside from these two protection coverages, there are also riders that you can add on. The common riders are Mortgage disability, Mortgage Loss of Employment and Mortgage Critical Illness.

The first rider can help you if you suffer partial disabilities. Some mortgage protection insurance companies provide a portion of your total monthly income when you cannot work due to sickness or injury. They also give payout when you incur 20% loss on your income.

If you lose your job, will you be prepared financially to cover living expenses for your family, such as children’s or family’s health needs? What if, on top it all, you have loans to pay? How can you manage to not to default on any of these?

To enjoy this rider, you have to be unemployed for 60 consecutive days. The policy holder Company shall pay you for the next 9 months and will continue to do so every time you file a claim. People who have a loan obligation and are between the ages of 18 and 64 can purchase this rider.

As a home owner with a loan, lenders realize that you could die prematurely. Now, to protect their interest in the event of death, lenders require that your family have some protection against this situation. This can come in the form of term life or other types of policies.

However, in cases where you cannot make your home payment, PMI does not pay off the loan balance nor does it make any loan payments for you. Mortgage Protection Insurance does. And since it lists your beloved family members as beneficiaries, mortgage protection policy works to the best of your interests.

When you decide to obtain a financial protection in times of emergency, it is important that you read all the stipulations on the Mortgage Protection Insurance policy to ensure that you understand its terms and conditions. One day you may have to file a claim and you want to be well informed.

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